The Story Of My Family

(Note This Website Was Created For A School Project, You Won’t Find Any Particularly Significant Information Involving General History)

History is interesting, confusing and always changing. My family in particular has a very fascinating history. Whether it be from pure luck, or just my relatives making up stories to try and sound more interesting, there was a lot I could have chosen from. The only problem was finding solid information. Some of the events were too old to have much evidence of them survive. Others just have few people around able and willing to talk about them. Anything beyond modern times had to be pieced together and didn’t always work out. Despite this, I was able to find two from further back that I found incredibly interesting, and one from more modern times. Below is most of the information I could get on these three amazing events.

If it wasn’t obvious enough, I was born on April 12th, 2001. The hospital I was born at the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial hospital. It all started with my mom having a craving for a big mac. My dad was getting off work early so he promised he’d bring her back one. Just as he was getting ready to leave he got a phone call. It was my mom telling him to stop and get to the hospital. At around eight at night, with my family gathered in the hospital, I was finally born.

My great grandfather on my dad’s side, Stanley Archbold, fought in the second world war. More specifically, he was one of the soldiers who fought on D-Day and was lucky enough to make it out alive. After it was all over, one of the few things he had as evidence that he was there was a single compass he found lying on the beach.

In 1942 Jerome Damore, my great grandfather, died of pneumonia, leaving behind his wife Susan and their six kids. To make things even worse, just over a year and a half later Susan died due to complications in surgery. The kids, the oldest of which, Rose, was 18, and the youngest, Theresa, only 11 at the time, were left alone in the house.